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What happened this week at Forest School ? ........

Each Forest School session is planned for but these plans are very loose and sometimes changed spur of the moment. The Forest School Approach is very much based on the child and what they would like to do, so if a child finds an interest we go with it to extend their learning.

Below are this half term's plans to share with you;

Week 1 EXPLORE - Make a base camp, 'Poo Detectives, Child led activities.

Week 2 TEXTURES - Meet a tree, make rope mobiles, child led activities.

Week 3 ANIMALS OF THE WOODS - What animals live in the woods, find footprints, child led activities.

Week 4 SURVIVAL - Build a large shelter, hunter gatherer, child led activities.

Week 5 SPECIAL PLACES - Find your favourite spot, whittling, child led activities.

Week 6 SOUNDS - Woodland orchestra, hide and seek, child led activities.

This week the children started collecting objects to thread on their mobile but then found lots of ants; so we watched the children to see how they reacted. A small group then went off to build an 'Ant Climbing Frame'!

As part of our Forest School session we all have special names; 'Sue Squirrel', 'Kate Kookaburra', 'Shelly Stoat', 'Alle Acorn' and Hayley Hawk. We thought it would be a lovely idea if you discussed this with your child and helped them to pick a name that relates to their interest and share it with staff next week.

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