A Typical Day at Preschool

8:50am - Arrive a pre-school.

Morning session - 


A variety of planned and spontaneous activities during the morning, inside and outside are ready for us to play with.


Snack is on the table and available to help ourselves to, from when we arrive.  Water and milk are always available.


11am - Tidy Up Time 


11:10am - Quiet Area for a story, songs and sharing from the looking shelf.

11.20am - End of morning session


11:20am - 12:20pm - Lunch club. 


Some children have a cooked school meal, while others have a packed lunch.

At 12.20 some children will go home, while the others stay for the afternoon session.  


12:20pm - Afternoon Session


We have more planned and spontaneous activities and after lunch we enjoy some time in our Sensory garden watering and tending to our vegetables and plants.

2.30pm - Tidy Up Time 


We all help tidy up the toys again and put on our shoes before sitting down for another story and a chat about our day.  

2:50pm - Home time.


We sit at the table with our bags ready to go home.