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A Typical Day at Preschool

8:50am - Arrive a pre-school
Morning session - 

A variety of planned and spontaneous activities during the morning, inside and outside are ready for us to play with.
We stop to have snack time. We all sit together and are able to help ourselves to a variety of fruit, veg or cheese and crackers amongst other things. We have a choice of milk or water to drink. Our drinks are
available to us all day.
11:10am After a tidy up we sit down for a chat and a story, and then wash our hands before lunch.

11.20am - End of morning session

11:20am - 12:20pm - Lunch club. 
Please provide your child with a packed lunch we have a no nut policy (no peanut or hazelnut spreads or snacks or similar).

At 12.20pm some children will go home, while the others stay for the afternoon session.

12:20pm - Afternoon Session
We have more planned and spontaneous activities inside and out, never dependant on the weather.

2.30pm We all help tidy up the toys again and put on our shoes before sitting down for a chat about what we have done during the day. We sing some songs and then get ready for home time.

2:50pm - Home time.
We sit at the table with our bags ready to go home.

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