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All the children who come to Rougham Acorns and Woodlands Preschool have their progress monitored to make sure that they are reaching their Early Learning Goals. To be able to do this effectively we have to gather information from the children. This is done by watching your children play, talking to them, playing with them, really getting to know them, and encouraging them to be confident and calm in their environment. The main person to do this for and with your child will be their key worker. The key worker then takes all the information that they have gathered and uses this to create some exciting and challenging next steps for the children. These are record in the Learning Journey which you will receive on line. This is how the children are stretched and this is the time that new learning can be introduced. The information that is gathered is then summarized and plotted on a tracker. We use the Early Years Development matters guidelines to support continuous assessment and to be able to track the children accurately. This tracker is used to identify any areas that your child may need support in. We are also able to track the progress of different cohorts i.e. the boys and the girls or the summer born children. This tracking system is also used to track the staff and to make sure all the areas of development are being covered.

If you have any questions regarding our monitoring system, please do not hesitate to ask.

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